Friday, March 1, 2013

How to Treat Baldness

You certainly do not want to be bald and you should know how to cure baldness, but sometimes it approached the men and regarded as shameful if a woman attacked baldness. Actually, baldness can be prevented and treated easily. Early treatment with medicines that will fit tackle baldness is caused by Alopecia Androgenetika be effective approximately 50% will be resolved so that you avoid baldness cure baldness in a way that you know.

Therapy to address Androgenetika Alopecia is by DHT secretion outer perimeter wall of the follicle to DHT inhibitors and widening media back follicle wall using topical steroids media.

Using DHT DHT Inhibitor entire outer perimeter deposited in the follicle will secretion out along with the body fluids of sweat, urine, and feces. This secretion process is a process of natural secretion that occurs in normal individuals who are not affected by Alopecia Androgenetika syndrome.
how to cure baldness

how to cure baldness

Statistically that about 40% will experience hair loss at the age of approximately 35 years, and this will increase to about 65% at age 60 years and beyond. Baldness is also commonly called with alopecia.

One cause of hair loss that occurs in men is genetic or hereditary, which can be transmitted from one generation to the next. Another cause of baldness is testosterone, which is the primary male sex hormone that regulates sex drive in men.

how to cope with hair loss are as follows:

How to Treat Baldness with a natural non Medical:

- Addition of hair by way of implanting hair on the head and this is pretty much done and used in the know with the hair pieces.

- One of the other drugs that are known to effectively treat and propecia baldness and use if in normal circumstances are able to prevent baldness. Propecia is a drug class 5-alpha reductase inhibitors. The way it works is as inhibiting the male hormone systems work. He also can address other problems such as an enlarged prostate gland.

How to Treat Baldness with Natural or Natural Medicine:

 - Eat foods that contain soy because soy contains a lot of iron and hemoglobin so oxygen can distibution well to all body tissues so as to facilitate the formation of hair.

- Eat foods high in vitamin E such as almonds as well as vitamin E, it also contains a lot of iron and were also able to minimize the cholesterol in the body.

- Vitamin C is essential in consumption because it is also believed to stimulate the growth of new hair.

- Fish should also be consumed because they contain vitamin B-6 and essential fatty acids are able to maintain the health of your hair.

- Water is the simplest remedy as easy to obtain and able to retain moisture scalp so that your scalp properly maintained.

- Do not think too much, hose interspersed with refreshing your mind for a moment.

- Provide regular cream on your hair. For normal use only advocate, ginseng or pecans while for oily better wear a celery or aloe vera.

- Perform regular exercise so that blood circulation to your head to be smooth.

- Get plenty of rest aka sleep about 7 to 9 hours a day, so the moisture of your head to be awake and your brain can break too.